Kuwaiti Memories

I remember it took me a month to learn how to read emotions only from the eyes. Niqab in desert conditions with the burning sun is completely justified. In Kuwait, sandstorms are very common and sunscreen cream is pretty a new invention. But the niqab in Europe conditions is a completely different matter.

Please note, this is a model dressed in a typical Kuwaiti outfit.

MakeUp: Ena Mil

Julia Chodor Chodorowska
Please note, this is a model dressed in a typical Kuwaiti outfit. Photo: Julia Chodor
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Welcome to Dubai

Lately, with a whole family, we visited Dubai. Why Dubai – well, believe me, or not, but I would prefer to go to Baghdad or Damascus, as those are historic cities, but God knows, why someone decided it will be to be a war-zone. So instead of to see the historic places we went to see the biggest building and the Dubai Mall.

Julia Chodor Chodorowska
The giant aquarium in a Dubai Mall. Photo: Julia Chodor

Oh, yeah, the Dubai Mall is impressive, especially the giant aquarium with sharks and other fish. Wow, there is even a cage so you can dive with sharks. Imagine this, Continue reading “Welcome to Dubai”

Too hot

Next topic – weather in Kuwait. Kuwait is a city in a desert, next to the sea.

I repeat it again. Kuwait is in the desert, do not miss that, this it is a desert. It is not Miami Beach with palms growing at every corner. Yes, there are palm trees here, but you need to water them if you don’t do this, they simply die.

Julia Chodor Chodorowska
A palm. Photo: Julia Chodor

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First day of Ramadan

Julia Chodor Chodorowska
An empty canteen at the lunch time during Ramadan. Photo: Julia Chodor

Today is the first day (2016.06.06) of Ramadan. In non-Muslim people minds’ pop-up just one thing, for 30 days Muslim cannot eat or drink during the day. Of course, Ramadan means much more, but I will not go into religion as I am not competent. I will write a little about how it looks like because Ramadan changes the rhythm of the day.

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Wag the Dog

Julia Chodor Chodorowska
Mężczyzna fotografuje kwiaty i znicze przed ambasadą Francji w Warszawie. Photo: Julia Chodor

Francja, Francja, Francja… przez 3 dni oczy wszystkich mieszkańców zachodniego kręgu kulturowego były zwrócone na Paryż – na straszliwe zamachy terrorystyczne dokonane w tym mieście. Zginęło 129 osób. Wszyscy solidaryzują się z Francją. Google i Youtube zmieniły kolory na swoich znaczkach. Ludzie na Facebooku pokrywali swoje zdjęcia kolorami francuskiej flagi. Znicze zapłonęły przed francuskimi ambasadami. Budynki okryły się światłami we francuskich kolorach. Wszystkie media trąbiły o tragedii, która wydarzyła się w piątek wieczór w Paryżu. W sumie był weekend, więc i tak nie było innych tematów.

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