Zwiedzanie Pszczyny i takie tam / Visiting Pszczyna

Podczas ferii wybraliśmy się na południe Polski. Czas trochę pozwiedzać rodzinny kraj. Plany na zwiedzanie były inne, jednak spontaniczność zwyciężyła. Bo jak tu się nie oprzeć wielkiemu napisowi “Żubry zapraszają”.

During the spring break, we went to the south of Poland. It’s time to explore a little the home country. The sightseeing plans were different, but the spontaneity won. Because how can you not resist the sign “Bisons invite you”.

żubr, wisent, European bison. Photo: Julia Chodor
Żubr / wisent – European bison. Photo: Julia Chodor
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Honor and Glory to the Heroes

On November 11th, 2019, Poland celebrated her 101st anniversary of independence from Russia, German and Austro-Hungarian, after 123 years. As Independence Day is for everybody so, everyone could find something interesting from traditional dances through classic cars to the Independence March.

Julia Chodor Chodorowska
President of Poland – Andrzej Duda. Photo: Julia Chodor
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100 years of Independence

On November 11, the Poles celebrated the hundredth anniversary of regaining Independence after 123 years of Russian, German and Austro-Hungarian annexation. On this occasion many events took place. In my report, I present images from four of them:

  • the Independence Run,
  • the national anthem singing on Piłsudski Square,
  • the Antifa march, which gathered about 70 people and
  • the Independence March in which over 250,000 people took part.

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