I like Kuwait

Julia Chodor Chodorowska
The flag of Kuwait. Photo: Julia Chodor

Before you start to laugh at the huge flag of Kuwait hanging on the house, look at the image below. I took it few years ago in the US.

Julia Chodor Chodorowska
The flag of the US. Photo: Julia Chodor

…and now you can laugh.

Now, I’m in Kuwait. I live in Kuwait. Before I came to Kuwait, everybody asked me if I’m not afraid to go there. You know:

– Kuwait is in the Middle East;
– it has a border with Iraq – the war zone;
– it has a border with Saudi Arabia – the only country where women still cannot drive cars, they have a death penalty and the worst of all, once a year thousands of Muslims arrive at Mecca;
– on the other side of the Gulf, there is Iran, a great nuclear threat.

Well, there is much to be afraid of, it really seems like Kuwait is the last place on the Earth where you would move with your family.

From my point, Kuwait is a safe country as long as Americans do not bring the democracy and Russians peace. Yes, the democracy and peace are the biggest threats.

So, how life is in the middle of the medias’ biggest threats? I tell you, the life in Kuwait is really good. We live in a nice neighborhood. We pay for the apartment the same amount that we would pay in Warsaw, the difference is that here we have a gym and a swimming pool in a building. Every day we can go to the beach and swim in a sea. The weather is warm and the air condition is everywhere.

The big news for all Americans – yes, the life in Kuwait is better than in the US. At the end you earn more, because there are no taxes here, the petrol is cheaper, the speed limit is higher, there is no shooting in schools every other week, during the last 20 years there had been only one terrorist attack and there is a public healthcare. I think it sounds pretty good, right?

So, please, do not bring the democracy to Kuwait. Keep your right to choose your own dictators for yourselves. And by the way, looking at the US presidential election I wonder what it has common with democracy.

Well, I guess nothing; just the opinion matters. The US is considered the most democratic country on our planet. Don’t you dare to change that, because we can cut off your head.

Remember, democracy has nothing common with freedom, actually it is opposite to freedom. Democracy means the majority rules. If the majority rules, then an opinion of a single person doesn’t matter. You have to adjust to the majority. This is not a freedom when you have to do what the majority wants.

Going back to Kuwait – yes, it is a good place to live. I like it here.

I think that not only Kuwait is a nice place to live in the Middle East. But what you can sense here, and it is not only my feeling, there is a push to destabilize the last peace region in the Middle East.

I mean exactly to destabilize Saudi Arabia.

I remember after 9/11, whole mainstream media were talking about the necessity to attack Afganistan to fight the terrorism. So Americans attacked Iraq and now I read that it was all fault of Saudi Arabia and US senate passed a bill allowing 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia.

Poor Saudi Arabia. There is Yemen issue, tense relations with Iran, especially after the sanction have been lifted and Iran is trying to earn on oil as much as it is possible. By the way, I wonder why the sanctions were lifted right now. Saudis are also engaged in issues with Islamic State. And the oil prices dropped and it seems it won’t rise anytime soon. The situation inside the country is changing, new taxes, rise in prices of energy and water – this all doesn’t make the citizens happy.

It is a lot of small demons to fight for Saudi Arabia.

Where is the world heading?

Europe with its million of „refugees” and the political system changing into a dictatorship governed by few strange people who are not even elected by the citizens of the union. The political relations between the member countries are getting stronger, but at the same time, the freedom to move and work for the average citizen of the EU is being slowly limited, more and more papers are required.

What about South America?

What about South China Sea issues and generally what with China’s economy and financial market?

So yes, the life in Kuwait is good, I just wonder how long?