Campoverde Reef Band

These portraits I took awhile ago during the concert in Spain. I like them very much. I use just a small flash lamp to improve the lighting conditions but not to affect the stage lighting effects.

I also encourage you to go to Campoverde Reef Band concerts, you won’t be disappointed. Very good music and a great atmosphere.

Here is their WebSite Campoverde Reef Band

Julia Chodor Chodorowska
Photo: Julia Chodor
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100 years of Independence

On November 11, the Poles celebrated the hundredth anniversary of regaining Independence after 123 years of Russian, German and Austro-Hungarian annexation. On this occasion many events took place. In my report, I present images from four of them:

  • the Independence Run,
  • the national anthem singing on Piłsudski Square,
  • the Antifa march, which gathered about 70 people and
  • the Independence March in which over 250,000 people took part.

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Viernes Santo – Good Friday

Soaring hoods called Capirote, covered faces, habits and long cloaks – penitents are marching one after another in the Good Friday’s procession. This event makes a big impression and it is definitely worth experiencing. The most well-known procession is in Seville. It attracts tourists from around the world. However, if someone does not like the crowd, I recommend visiting other cities in the south of Spain.procession

Julia Chodor Chodorowska
Good Friday procession in the south of Spain. Photo: Julia Chodor

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Spanish Carnival

Carnival – ignites our imagination as soon as we think of places like Rio de Janeiro or Venice. But parades and events take place in almost all the cities in the southern, Catholic countries. The hundreds of dressed-up dancers, swinging their hips to the rhythm of the music, march through the small and big cities, and crowds of spectators look at them with delight. We also had a parade …

Karnawał – rozpala naszą wyobraźnie jak tylko pomyślimy o takich miejscach jak Rio de Janeiro czy Wenecja. Ale parady i zabywy odbywają się w zasadzie wszystkie miejscowości w południowych, katolickich krajach. Pochody poprzebieranych tancerzy, kołysząc biodrami w rytm muzyki, przemierzają małe i duże miasta, a tłumy gapiów przyglądają się im z zachwytem. U nas też była parada…

Julia Chodor Chodorowska
Carnival parade in Spain. Photo: Julia Chodor

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“Streets of Catalonia ” exhibition

For all of You who could not attend the vernissage of my exhibition, the video, so You can feel like you were there.

I am very happy. It was my first foreign exhibition. Came about 50 guests, mostly strangers. That makes me even happier that I was able to reach people I did not know.

I also want to thank all the people who helped me to organize the exhibition, especially the team of the Sala Sant Roc, my friends Samia, Samanta, Monika, Montse and Xavi and of course, my husband.

All prints are archival (collector) in a limited series of 20 copies at a price of 35 euro per image.