Quo vadis, Americae

Oh yes, the great US, after a months-long campaign and millions of dollars spent on convincing people the other candidate is worse, finally has two candidates for president. I mean legally there still some things need to be done, but we can be almost sure that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will fight for the presidency of the US in November. I wish them good luck, and also good luck to the people of the US.

What makes me laugh the most, but it is a laugh through tears, is that the US secret service is afraid to give these two candidates a brief on national security because they both are not trustworthy.

Quo vadis, Americae? Looking at Netanyahu’s recent frequent visits to Moscow, I guess, my friend would say, rats abandon a sinking ship. Well, I would not say that, but the quality of Isreal’s secret service is well known and probably they know something that we don’t.

Well, we will see what the future will bring, I am not a fortune-teller.