Let the corp(se) die

When I hear about another bailout of American corporations I feel ….. words cannot describe it. What horrible nonsense. Let the corpse die. If the corpse can even die, but it seems that the American financial system proves it’s possible.

Every decade the American corporations need a bailout – that means something is wrong. Wrong with the corporations, wrong with the business model, wrong with the financial system. If you have to save a corporation every 10 years, it simply means something is wrong with this corporation. Let it die! Let it collapse! Don’t save something that doesn’t work. Don’t tank with money corporations that are not worth it. It is a highly uneconomic action. Take the actions that make sense. Wasn’t that what you were taught at school? Wasn’t that what your parents taught you? Wasn’t that what every single of your ex taught you? Don’t make an effort when it’s pointless.

Let the corp(se) die

Maybe the US should finally become a democratic country, like Ireland or Switzerland and start to do referendums.

Let’s ask American people, since this is their money, how they want it to be spent:

(unfortunately, there’s no option: on your kid)

a) help poor people

b) kids’ education

c) healthcare

d) give, again, money to the corporations that will need, again, next bailout in the next 10 years.

The corporations need money otherwise they will fail. Why they will fail? Because their structures don’t fit these days reality. Their business model is wrong. The world is changing. People are changing. Business models are changing too. If somebody didn’t notice that that’s his fault. Maybe it’s ok to help once. Maybe it was a one time mistake – it happens. But again? It’s like at work. Your boss can give you one chance, but third… or fourth? – rather not. so why should you? Why people are forced to do it.

Let the corp(se) die

Let the corporations collapse, bankrupt, disappear. If a bridge is poorly built, it will collapse and a new one will be built. If a building is poorly constructed it will collapse and a new one will replace it. It’s natural. This is how this world works. A circle-of-life. Old died. New is born. So, let the corporations collapse. Coronavirus will finish. People will come to take pieces of what’s left and build new companies. Companies that will fit today’s reality, people’s needs, expectations, to today’s system, values. I heard that the US is a country of entrepreneurs. They are able to build new business models that will work. The old systems came to an end. Business models that worked 80 or 100 years ago, don’t work today, it’s proven.

Let the corp(se) die

Americans! You are smart. You can build a new system. Don’t let the old guys force you to resuscitate the corpse – it’s already dead.