Post-Brexit fever

I love Twitter. I love it because in one place I have access to news from all over the world. I am given the opportunity, and possibility to choose what I want to read. A mainstream or an independent. I thought the freedom of speech applies to all media, but it turned out differently. I am so naive.

So, what does my selection of media says about Brexit?

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Kuwait newspaper and other issues

Julia Chodor Chodorowska
Kuwait Times. Photo: Julia Chodor

I have bought a newspaper today – Kuwait Times – it costs 150 fils.

There is news from over the world. At the first page, the biggest title is about Yemen. There is also about labor law – fines for hiring employees without visas were doubled, now it is from KD 2 000-10 000. The labor issues are very important in Kuwait as the 2/3 of the people living here are from abroad. There is also news about Philippine presidential election – there is lots of Philippinos here and about Cairo, also a lot of people from Egypt. So the first page reflects the national structure of people living in Kuwait. We just have missed Hindus. Maybe in tomorrow newspaper, there be some news from India on a first page.

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