No, No Land

I know that I’m way behind. Everybody seen it, everybody read about it, but I… I have three kids.

Tonight, my lovely husband has taken me to the movie – LaLa Land.

Why the hell, half the film I wondered why the actress is so ugly? Don’t get me wrong, not everybody has to be beautiful, but this supposes to be a romantic comedy, right? Women want to identify with the main character, romantic love, moments etc. On the other hand… maybe it is better that they don’t want to be like the main hero because the message in this story is: ALL WOMEN ARE BITCHES.

We have a nice guy who does what his woman wants, of course, she complains. She runs away, he is coming, helping her to believe in herself and then she leaves and does not give a f… about him and marries some other guy and has kids with him.

Honestly, the movie is horrible, although it has a good plot. It is like playing Beethoven in Brussel.

So LaLa Land is really a NoNo* movie.

*La in Arabic means No

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