Business Photography

These days, it is important to present the company through images, especially in social media. Best quality images ensure potential customers about your high-standard services.

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Business Portraits

The business portrait builds the brand.

Good business portrait shows the competences, character and personality of the person in the photo. A business photo is used in publications or social media. Everyone should have their own business portrait, regardless of whether they are the CEO, employee or just prepering the first CV.

industrial photography, production lines photography, business photography, corporate photography, Julia Chodor Photography

I photograph both small workshops and large production plants. I take photos of production lines and processes. I present the technical side, while maintaining visual attractiveness. The photos are used in presentations, catalogs, trade fairs, etc. I have appropriate lighting that allows me to work in all conditions.

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Real Estate Photography

Good images help to rent or sell your property faster.

I make sure that photographs of your property are:

  • appealing
  • well-framed
  • colorful
  • clear
  • sharp
  • nice lighted

It is worth to invest money to have a well-profitable rental business or to attract more buyers.

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