Second Part of Love, album, book, Tony Anderson, Photo: Julia Chodor

The new ALBUM is now available for purchase via our website.

„Second Part of Love” is an album combining the romantic poetry of Tony Anderson and unpublished images of the artist-photographer Julia Chodor.

The book is available in two language versions (Polish and English), both as an eBook and a printed publication.

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Portrait Photo Sessions

A photo session is more than just photos. Book a free CONSULTATION and find out more.

A photo session is the time 100% dedicated to you. A good photoshoot should be relaxing and comfort, because only then will you get great images.

Book a FREE CONSULTATION where we will discuss together the session and its scope. We will arrange all the details so that there are no misunderstatements. Everything will be included in the contract that we will sign at the end of the meeting.

Kids Photography

kids photo session, black and white kids photo session, kids portrait session, fine art children photo session, Julia Chodor Photography

„Save as many memories as possible, Kids grow so fast”

On my 18th birthday, my Mom (a professional photographer) gave me an album with images of me that she had been taking throughout whole my life since the pregnancy. That was the best present I have ever got.

My sessions are fun for kids. Easy, comfy, no stress. In the most natural sceneries, I capture exceptional moments, looks, smiles, joy, curiosity.

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Art for Sale

BROWSE my online store. You can easily order FINE ART PRINTS directly to your home or office. In case of any questions CONTACT me.

Wedding Photography

wedding photography, wedding portraits photo session, wedding photo session, Julia Chodor Photography

„The best moments of your life with the best pictures”

Wedding is an event that cannot be repeated. Make sure your photographer is:

  • reliable,
  • punctual,
  • responsible,
  • and takes great photos

Photographs are the most valuable moments of our lives captured in frames. After many years, while viewing albums, with a tear in the eye, we remember these the most significant remembrances. It is worth ensuring that our most wonderful memories are preserved in an unforgettable way, in high-quality photographs.


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Photo: Julia Chodor
Business Portraits

Good business portrait shows the competences, character and personality of the person in the photo. A business photo is used in publications or social media. Everyone should have their own business portrait, regardless of whether they are the CEO, employee or just prepering the first CV.

industrial photography, production lines photography, business photography, corporate photography, Julia Chodor Photography
Photo: Julia Chodor
Industrial Photography

I photograph both small workshops and large production plants. I take photos of production lines and processes. I present the technical side, while maintaining visual attractiveness. The photos are used in presentations, catalogs, trade fairs, etc. I have appropriate lighting that allows me to work in all conditions.

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Photo: Julia Chodor
Real Estate Photography

Good images help to rent or sell your property faster. By hiring a professional photographer you ensure yourself that your property looks appealing.