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Julia Chodor Chodorowska Photo: Hanna Puchalska
Julia Chodor Chodorowska Photo: Hanna Puchalska

I’m a Polish photographer. I was born in Warsaw, Poland. I received very fine business education* both in Poland and the USA but photography became my biggest passion, way of expression and life. I’m devoted to the still, visual mean that describes our lives.

In my commercial work I’m focused on fashion and beauty photography, portraits for individual customers and interior and architecture images.

My other filed of interest is the documentary photography (including portraits). By images, I try to find answers to questions of cultural, social and existential issues and show individual, uniqueness and hidden emotions. I focus on people’s lives, work, signs of activity or its lack. How human affects the surroundings, environment and vice versa. I aim to catch the most appropriate moment that tells the most about the situation and its heroes (characters). I force an audience to think by showing surprising moments in ordinary situations.

I am, also,  a fine art photographer who loves to play with light and look for a beauty of abstraction in nature creations. these images you may buy in my on-line store.

My exhibitions:

  • “The Final Judgment” – Galeria Obok – Poland
  • “Streets of Catalunya” – Sala Sant Roc – Spain
  • “Warsaw in flowers” – the Botanical Garden in Warsaw – Poland


“Ochota” – Youmar publisher

Some of my clients:
– Advent International
– The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Poland
– BMZ Poland sp. z o.o.
– HSM Polska sp z o.o.
– Keen Property Partners
– Knauf
– Polska Agencja Informacji i Inwestycji Zagranicznych (PAIiIZ)
– PolskaPresse sp. z o.o. (Polska the Times)
– The Insurer, Russian Polis Information Group
– Weber Shandwick (Microsoft, PKPP Lewiatan, Tesco)
– Wever & Ducre

*I graduated from the School of Management of Warsaw University as a double Master of Science in finance and in marketing (master thesis „Stock market indicators” and master thesis „Advertising Photography”). I also studied management and international business in the U.S. – Central Piedmont University College and the University of North Florida.

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