What is missing?

What am I missing in the picture?  I just try to write down what I remember. I know it is chaotic, please, do not blame me.

For the last week, everybody has been talking about Brexit and derivative topics. And this is a perfect occasion, to do other things in politics/finance without being notice.

So what we have:

1. Last year Chinse stock market plummeted. Since then it is rather unstable.

2. The prime minister of Israel – Benjamin Netanyahu lately quite often goes to Moscow. It has been noticed that he visits Putin more often than Washington.

3. Avigdor Lieberman has been appointed new ministry of defense of Israel. Liberman is a Soviet-born Jew, with a big support of Russian Jews who arrived in Israel after the Soviet Union collapsed. I remember that in newspapers Liberman’s appointment was described as a big surprise.

4. Russia is still present on the Ukraine, but some of the European states want sanctions imposed on Moscow for Creamery, to be lifted. Italy for sure and the German ex-chancellor Gerhard Fritz Kurt Schröder criticizes the European policy to Russia. Correct me if I am wrong but Schroder is still on the board of Nord Stream.

5. The Great Britain exits EU.

6. Market plunge – why? No real reason for this.

7. Soros lost $75 mln. Strange information. But actually, this one makes you think. The pools before Brexit showed 50%-50% chance to remain/leave. Why a person who is considered a wizard of stock markets lose $75 mln? I am sure that he should secure his transaction. The same with other 400 millionaires that lost $125bn in 10 minutes. At the end, it does not matter. Go back to the previous point. The market slumped. Lots of people buy and sell, the money goes from one side to the other. It actually looks like somebody paid or threatened someone else and used Brexit market plunge as a cover.

8. Merkel wants the UK to exit as fast as possible and comes up with EU army idea… again. This is an old concept. I heard about it before. I guess it is irrelevant.

9. Big bank, big buyback.

10. The big change in Erdogan behavior.

  • Relations with Israel restored.
  • Turkey needs to cooperate with Russia on Syria – he says.

11. The big republicans show called Donald Trump – back to isolationism: close the market, close the borders

12. The Middle East:

  • KSA kicked out Chevron last year.
  • The US lifted sanctions on Iran .
  • Deputy crown prince Mohammed bin Salman come up with 2030 vision…
  • and goes to the US and France to meet with all global corporations.

13. Austria’s highest court annuls presidential election – who will win now, the far right candidate? Will Austria be the next to exit EU?

14. Trump calls for the NATO end.

  • Trump likes Putin,
  • Run the campaign like a great reality show – but is a show, not reality.

15. The chock from the Arab Sea to the Barents Sea is being created.

16. EU falls apart.

For what?

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