Trump’s speech analysis

Donald Trump’s speech at Trump SoHo in NYC, June 22nd, 2016.

It is a wonderful speech, I would give a Nobel prize to the person who wrote it, although it is a little too long – 42 minutes. I would shorten it… to 30 seconds. I think it is enough time to say I am a great business-and-man, I am like Washington and Lincoln, Hilary Clinton is the evil of this world, I will bring the business back to the US and create jobs, I will make America great again.

Let’s look at the speech a little deeper. 25 second of clapping as Trump appears. Then he answers his own question – why he is a running for presidency – because he is a great businessman. Then again he answers the same question he asked himself a minute ago. He is running for the presidency to give back what he received from the country – he sounds like Kennedy when he said ‘ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country’. And this clapping after, to stress the importance of these words, so it stucks better in your brain – really perfect.

So, what we have. A successful businessman – Americans really value this.

And Trump made a connection between himself and JFK, who is still the most loved president of all US presidents, I guess.

What’s next? He starts to complain about Hilary Clinton and that the US is in a bad condition. After 1:50 Trump is already criticizing Hilary Clinton. This is just an introduction – a fast snap. For the next few minutes, it will be a sinusoidal speech: Clinton bad – I’m good; she can’t, I can. But mostly we listen how bad Hilary Clinton is.

There is some blink in the 3rd minute, like a cut.

8:16 Trump says I’m with you American people, and then great clapping that last for 20 seconds – that is long.

In 10th minute Trump says make America rich again and clapping.

10:43 – 11:09 – he mentions Washington and Lincoln, this suppose to make a connection in our minds, that Trump is so great like Washington and Lincoln.

11:09 to 31:22 – examples of how bad Hilary Clinton is. 20 minutes of complaints about Clinton. There are lots of things. He says she is corrupted, she lies, she uses her position for her own purposes , she leaves people behind.

Of course, there are few things I would argue. E.g. that Clinton destabilized the whole Middle East. Have people forgotten George W. Bush?

A would argue about how women in Kuwait are treated – I live in Kuwait I see it every day. Believe me, women here are really being treated well, much better than in the west. Of course, there are some examples of a domestic violence, but the domestic violence is also in the US.

The funniest thing, while I watch the speech on youtube, just after Trump talked about women’s mistreating in the Middle East, the commercial with happy, smiling Muslim girl, doing shopping, going to coffee shops in Dubai, appeared.

I would argue about refugees. I think the US foreign policy created the refugee problem and yes, the US should take responsibility for this, what means take people, it created, to its land.

I noticed that Trump softens his approach to Muslim – he profiled them – ISIS and the rest.

16:52 – another blink

31:35 – Trump finally starts to talk what he will do if he becomes president… and it takes him 3 and a half minute. 20 minutes of complaining about Hilary Clinton versus 3 minutes about his program.

I guess that something between 65-75% of his speech was against Hilary Clinton – it is called a negative campaign and it does not bring anything good to the country. It is a dead end, I know this from my country.

34:11 – the body language changes a little, Trump gets a little more animated, he starts to make this gesture, like Uncle Sam while saying America First. It is also a communicate that affects our subconscious. We went you – America first.

Uncle sam.
Uncle sam.

In 37th minute Trump speaks about building infrastructure and investments in military – these are the government spendings. How is he going to lower taxes and increase government spendings while at the same time kicking out all illegal emigrants?

40:35 – again this Uncle Sam gesture, while saying America first.

40 – the final words, we will make America rich again, safe again, great again.

This is really a masterpiece speech. People who prepared this show are definitely worth every single cent spent on them. This connection made to the greatest US presidents – Kennedy and Lincoln – lovely – I just wish Trump a different end.

Just to be clear, I do not support Hilary Clinton. For me, somebody who is under investigation, shouldn’t run for the presidency at all.

I have just analyzed the speech, and I think it is a masterpiece.

For me, US citizens should vote for Queen Elizabeth II, especially that today British are voting in a referendum to leave or remain in the EU.

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