Post-Brexit fever

I love Twitter. I love it because in one place I have access to news from all over the world. I am given the opportunity, and possibility to choose what I want to read. A mainstream or an independent. I thought the freedom of speech applies to all media, but it turned out differently. I am so naive.

So, what does my selection of media says about Brexit?

The day after – 24th – First, the great euphoria about Great Britain leaving the EU. The great escape from the EU prison, victory, milestone etc. but at the same time, everybody is surprised, from governments to experts, from people to bankers. Why? My media selection before referendum was sending me a message – The United Kingdom is going to leave, but OK let them be surprised.

As the day goes by I experienced apocalypse. The EU is falling apart, pound plummets, Scots want another independence referendum, markets are in chaos, oil prices down, the UK loses AAA credit rating (really anybody still cares about what rating agencies say). The UK is falling apart, EU is falling apart, EU is dying, and Cameron is resigning. The world will blow out in seconds. I need to jump out of the window, there is no future. The richest people lost $127bn in ten minutes – thanks God, I’m not one of them, at least one problem less to deal with while I’m flying down from my apartment.

To this picture I need to add Trump his praise of Brexit in Scotland, what the hell? Scotland voted to remain. He made a great faux pas, but this was spotted only by Europeans. Americans were rapturous as they had just discovered there is another country on the planet and that you can travel there by plane. Yes, my dear American friends, follow your presidential candidate and fly away from the US.

The 25th day of June I would name „Get out now!!!”. My attention attracted titles about Brussel people pushing for quick divorce with the UK. Juncker, Schulz and other behaved like a betrayed lover, yes, lover, because a betrayed wife would have more dignity.

And finally the 26th – welcome racism! Xenophobic attacks on Polish people… and some others. I read the #PostRefRacism and I’m not surprised. You … Brits, …. . you…. how you dare to offend Poles, we fight for your country during the II World War, without us, you would be all dead. I just have one reflection, why RT-better known as a KremlinTube propaganda, talked about this topic so deeply.

Ufff… I am tired after 3 days of post-Brexit news, so many emotions. I have to stop staring at my phone, stand up from this couch and go for a walk – life is really exhausting these days.

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