Get a different view

I am a little sick of so called the independent Americans thinkers and experts. Sick of articles that Putin does not want war and only the US government is pushing for the nuclear III world war. In my opinion, they are not able to obtain a different perspective.

They sit in their homes in the US. In the US that has never had any cross-country war on its territory. Basically, they came, they killed almost all autochthons and then fought among themselves. The US is a baby country. It is little more than 200 years old. That is nothing. Some of the Japan companies are 1000 years old.

These independent thinkers do not know and understand the history of Europe. The comments I read about Brexit… God…just no comments on that. Total lack of understanding Brits, of the United Kingdom, of Europe.

These people, sitting thousands of miles away from any war, are actually talking about war, and arguing Russia does not want a war.

Well, I would like these people to get a different view. Imagine you are in Kuwait. There is a war 600 miles away – in Syria. Imagine you are in Poland. There is a war 600 miles away – in the Ukraine. Now imagine that you are in Miami and there is a war in Atlanta – 600 miles away – 10 hours by car. Do you still do not care?

Putin does not want a war in Europe. Let’s name countries in Europe.

  • Yes, Great Britan – actually the full name is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
  • Yes, France – this country with Eiffel tower.
  • And yes, Germany – the Nazis.
  • No, Brussel is not a country…
  • And the Sicilian mafia is not a country either.

Now look at the map. Do you see this big blue area on the right? This is Europe, these are the European countries, these are the countries that for the 50 years were under Soviet control.

The blue part. The part of Europe under Soviet occupation.
The blue part. The part of Europe under Soviet occupation.

Now look again at the map and compare the green area and the blue area – the blue is almost twice bigger. What does it mean? Actually, the greater part of Europe was under the Soviet Union control – do you realize that now, when you see it on a map?

I agree that Putin does not want a war… with France, Germany or England, he just wants to take what he thinks belong to Russia – central and eastern Europe – this blue part.

Come to, what you call easter Europe, and talk to people, they will tell you, we are already at war.

By saying that Putin does not want the war, you push central and eastern Europe in his hands. And me, like millions of others, do not want that. We want to enjoy the life like you do, we also have a right to travel, to sit in the sun, to buy food. Just because we were born in other countries makes us worse, limits our right? If you think like this, explain me why…

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