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I love buildings

We live in a nice, calm neighborhood. What I really love about the area are… buildings. They are all more or less the same size, 3-storage, but everyone is unique, I guess there is no two exactly the same houses in Kuwait – and this variety is beautiful. This picture of lovely streets is enriched by the cars parked up front – most of the time they are typical American SUV, but I also found, Porshe, Ferrari, and Lamborghini. Yes, a Lamborghini, standing in a front of the house for the whole night and nobody steals it – yeah, I know it is amazing, it could not happen in Poland.

It is amazing, that nobody steals things. You can leave your new iPad on a table in a coffee shop, come back two days later and it will be still there, where you left it. Culture is one thing, but I also think that people here are just too rich to steal.

And yes, another incredible thing, people who live in a non-democratic country can be rich. We have always been taught, that only in 100% democracy people can be rich. I just guess we have not been told exactly which people.

Julia Chodor Chodorowska
Buildings in Kuwait. Photo: Julia Chodor

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