Brexit 2016

Julia Chodor Chodorowska
Mini Morris painted with a British flag. Photo: Julia Chodor


When I listen about Brexit, I always laugh how tricky the history is. Brits had commonwealth outside their island for so long. Now they have commonwealth inside their island.

On June 23rd, British will decide if they want to leave the EU hoping that this will save them from:

– lack of sovereignty,

– introduction of new stupid laws, like carrots are fruits and snails are fish,

– immigration,

– abuse of benefits.

I am afraid they are wrong. Leaving the EU structure will not help Brits in any of that issues.

I am afraid the Brits do not realize in what world they live in.

Any international treaty the UK signs will limit its sovereignty. Staying within EU structure, where the UK is still strong, gives it better negotiation position.

In other words, under the EU the UK have to accept some stupid laws, but without the EU the UK will be forced to implement even worst laws as it will have weaker negotiation position.

Leaving the EU will not protect the UK from refugees and immigrants. The UK will be forced to take refugees under the international law anyway. The immigration will not stop. All the migrants that are already in the UK will stay there. And right now, just before the referendum, there is a great influx of new migrants. People wants to be in the UK before the boards will be closed so they can stay there legally.

Abuse of benefits – as far as reports shows in 2014, 4.9 million (92.6%) working-age benefit claimants were British while only 131,000 (2.5%) were EU nationals. The number of recipients from outside of the UK — but not from the EU — was 264,000 (5%). Tax credits – 3.9 million (84.8%) families receiving the benefits were British citizens, 302,000 (6.4%) were EU citizens and 413,000 (8.8%) were from outside of the UK. I guess Brits should think over it and stop lament. Leaving the EU will not change these numbers all of the sudden.

Leaving the EU will not really change any of the above, but for sure, will hurt the average British. Why?

– He will not be able to move freely around EU.

– He will not be able to buy a house in Portugal as he used to. He will need special permits.

– His driving license will not be accepted – will need the international one.

– British students studying abroad, will not be able to work.

– British students will have to pay more for studies.

– The prices in stores will rise as duties and taxes will be applied to all products from EU.

– Britsh companies will be less competitive on the European market, again, because of the duties and taxes they will have to add their prices. This means a drop in income, in production, and layoffs.

– And the last but not least Brits will be stuck with their old cars because Poles will not buy them anymore. Extra duties and taxes will apply. The prices of used cars will drop.

Again, when people should unite to fight systems and new stupid laws, instead, they choose to fight each other over benefits abuse that does not really exist.

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